What are the advantages of high-quality hand bilge pump?

May 14,2021.

Hand Bilge Pump Specifications:

Material:Nylon Plastic + EVA

Unextended Length:42cm

Extended Length:68cm

Diameter:6.3cm/2 .48"

lDrainage Volume:approx.0.4L

Bilge pump makes it easy to remove unwanted water from any open boat.

No hose necessary as the water will spray out over the side of your kayak or canoe.

The full length foam float ensures it won't sink if you drop it in the water.

Pumps 8 gallons per minute for quick emptying of your boat.

Bright color makes it easy to find, even in dim lighting.

Stainless steel screws reduce rust build-up.

Comfort contoured handle

Full length foam sleeve is buoyant and non-slip



1. Compact and lightweight. Easy to carry.

2. Gear design of bump inlet, can suck more water quickly and efficiently.

3. Antiskid outer EVA wrappage, could increase floating ability.

4.Anti-leak design removable gasket, could prevent water flowing out of water inlet.

5.A great safety equipment to rescue yourself when you are in danger of kayak swamping.

6. Special Tube surface, easier to grip the pump and not easy slip,even your hand is sweated.

7. Ergonomic designed handle, ensures comfort and eliminates unnecessary hand strain and fatigue.

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