HY-30451T RV water pump

June 1,2021.

Click picture to watch HY304551 dc water pump test video

Max 3.0 Gallons Per Minute capacity flow, and 45 PSI pressure,This series pump can be used for general water transfer, sprayer pumps, small rain system, or other industry usage(perfect for water heater shower, caravans, RV, knapsack sprayer) , use it with fresh or salt water or other liquid with weak acid&alkaline is ok.
The pump with built-in pressure switch, can be working automatically when the tap turn on-off.

√ High volume flow rate, Built-in check valve √ Permanent Magnet motor with longer lifetime
√ Antivibration pad,easy installation
√ Self-priming,Top quality Automatic Pressure Switch.
√ Add a fuse Protected, Thermally Protected
√ Low Noise,with excellentresistant to chemical corrosion

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